About Dr. Evan Lewis

Dr. Evan Lewis, PhD - Plenary Speaker

Evan’s passion for nutritional science and physiology developed in his time training as an athlete on the Canadian Sailing Team.

He completed his PhD at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Nutritional Sciences where he investigated the effects of targeted nutritional supplementation with pro-nerve omega-3 fats on nerve-muscle interaction and performance in elite athletes.

The positive results from this research lead to the development of a clinical trial of the same pro-nerve omega-3 fats as a targeted nutritional therapy for people with nerve damage from diabetes (diabetic neuropathy). The trial was the first to show nerve regeneration for people with diabetes.

Evan then founded Nutarniq Corp. to bring his ground-breaking research out of the lab to help people suffering from neuropathy. The mission of Nutarniq is to develop targeted nutritional therapies for chronic diabetes and disease complications.

Evan’s research has received funding awards from the Canadian Institute for Health Research, Banting & Best Diabetes Centre and the Canadian Diabetes Association 




Nerves Before Wounds - Clinical Nutrition for Neuropathy and Wound Care

Did you know that over 50% of people with diabetes will be diagnosed with nerve damage (neuropathy) within 10-years, and many people can have painful symptoms of neuropathy before being classified as pre-diabetic? Until now, there have been no options to address the nerve damage caused by diabetes.

Healthcare practitioners have been left to prescribe medications that only mask painful symptoms – numbness, tingling and burning in the hands and feet. Nutarniq Essentials is hard at work helping your nerves every day and changes are often noticed in 3-6 months.

In this session, Dr. Lewis will provide evidence on different dietary approaches for preventing neuropathy along with targeted strategies for patients with neuropathy and at risk of ulcers/wounds.

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