About John Choo

John Choo - Plenary Speaker

John is CEO and a Board Director for RxInside based in Canada. A Licenced producer of Cannabis under the Health Canada regime, transforming approaches to the use of Cannabinoid driven formulations for wellness and performance management.

With a cornerstone of science to provide the greatest user outcome, all focus is driven towards the formulations of delivery formats that is optimized for the human physiology and genetic disposition.

For the last 20 years John has led companies in the mobile technology and controlled environment agriculture space through rapid growth, IP development and acquisitions with a current rooted focus in plant based medicine.




Cannabinoids and the Body’s Mission to Repair Itself

Pain and inflammation are the body’s physiological responses to tissue injury, infection and genetic changes. These responses can be divided into two phases: acute and chronic. 

We are now only starting to understand the potential benefits of cannabis-based medicine (herbal cannabis, plant-derived or synthetic THC, THC/CBD oromucosal spray) for treating chronic or acute conditions.

The playing field is not all equal when it comes to cannabis and comes with a warning. With just enough science and insight from licensed producers, (in our short time), John will share strategies to meet human physiology, product access and what to avoid in the growing landscape of options.

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