About Mariam Botros D.Ch.

Mariam Botros D.Ch. - Plenary Speaker

Mariam is the Executive Director at Wounds Canada.

She is a chiropodist and diabetes educator by training and presently completing her masters in educational leadership.

Mariam has published, developed and lectured in multiple programs, both nationally and internationally in the area of diabetic foot complications and amputation prevention.

Through her different roles Mariam brings the practical and professional experience to be effective in her leadership.

This is gained from roles as an executive director, healthcare practitioner, healthcare educator, and researcher and faculty member for many well-recognized organizations. 




Acute Complications of the Feet in Diabetes

Mariam will provide an overview of Diabetic foot complications that can become a source of morbidity and mortality.

Through a case based approach, you will gain a more in-depth understanding of the “at risk” foot, leading edge treatments and prevention of further problems.  

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